Concrete trench drain FB BASE C250 DN100 H125


Linear drainage is a popular choice for many buildings projects due to the fact it’s simple to design and easy to install.

Linear drainage is also a cheaper option for surface water drainage than a typical point water drainage system and aesthetically, can be discreet, or a design statement – the choice is yours.

Channel drains typically consist of a channel and a removable grate. You may also need catch basin, end caps and other accessories to complete the installation of a linear drain.

Technical drawing:

Concrete trench

Concrete trench drain FB BASE C250 DN100 H125

Concrete drainage channel with cast-iron gratings C250 are used on lightly trafficked roads and small private car parks, as well as other objects with the declared load class C250.
The channels are made of fiber-reinforced concrete by vibrocompression, which provides better indicators of frost resistance, water resistance, impact resistance, splitting, cracking, compared to ordinary concret

Technical specifications

Length: 1000 mm
Width: 140 mm
Height: 130 mm
Load class: C250
Materials: Fiber concrete, Cast iron
Code: 04000203031

Technical drawing:

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