Cast iron sewage grate 400X400/C250


Ductile iron sewage gratings are very strong and resilient. Ductile iron, also known as cast iron, is used because it has great strength. This material then lends itself to a long-life span for installation in roads, highways, airports, car parks and other heavy duty industrial areas.
Sewage grating is an important part of the urban drainage system everywhere, so reliable quality is needed to ensure the safety of public facilities, rather than breaking at any time under the trampling or rolling of many people. At the same time, high-quality Sewage Grating can reduce replacement costs and control the overhead of urban public facilities.

Cast iron

Cast iron sewage grate 400X400/C250

The C250 sewage grate is made from durable ductile iron and is most appropriate for lightly trafficked roads and small private car parks

Cast iron manhole cover weight classes
A15    - 1.5 tonnes   - Very light duty for pedestrian areas like gardens, patios and driveways
B125  - 12.5 tonnes - Domestic driveway thresholds for family cars, vans and 4x4s
C250 - 25 tonnes   - Lightly trafficked roads and small private car parks
D400 - 40 tonnes   - Main roads, highways and high traffic areas like public car parks


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