End Cap PB PRO for drain LN100 H170-230 /galvanized steel/


Linear drainage is a popular choice for many buildings projects due to the fact it’s simple to design and easy to install.

Linear drainage is also a cheaper option for surface water drainage than a typical point water drainage system and aesthetically, can be discreet, or a design statement – the choice is yours.

Channel drains typically consist of a channel and a removable grate. You may also need catch basin, end caps and other accessories to complete the installation of a linear drain.

End Cap PB PRO

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End Cap PB PRO for drain LN100 H170-230 /galvanized steel/

End cap for drainage drains LN100 H170-230, intended for installation at the edges of drainage troughs, creating tightness of linear drainage.


Length: 167 mm
Width: 15 mm
Height: 170-230 mm
Weight: 0.29 kg

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