Bridge Drainage Point D400


Ductile iron gratings are very strong and resilient. Ductile iron, also known as cast iron, is used because it has great strength. This material then lends itself to a long-life span for installation in roads, highways, airports, car parks and other heavy duty industrial areas.

Bridge Drainage

Bridge Drainage Point D400

Bridge Point Drainage series possess all described advantages of channels, can be mounted on any surface and connect with any types of a waterproofing. Bridge Point Drainage in relation to pig-iron funnels have the bigger catchment area that does them more effective; they have less weight, which reduces the cost of transportation, simplifies installation and facilitates the construction of the bridge. The main parameter for the selection of Bridge ladders is the bandwidth. On it the diameter of release is selected, and depending on it, the size of the case is chosen. Finally, based on the expected load, the lattice is selected. Depending on the location, they can be made in both standard and marginal versions.

Material: Galvanized Steel, Cast Iron

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