Selfie from president Zach Yamauchi flying high!

President - Zach Yamauchi

4th year Aerospace Engineering

Commercial Glider Pilot

Truckee, CA



Vice President and New Members Coordinator - Wyll Sol

4th year Aerospace Engineering

Private Glider Pilot

Humboldt County, CA


Engineering Project Manager - Bennett Diamond

4th year Aerospace Engineering

Private Pilot Glider

Oakland, CA

Will after another smooth landing!

Treasurer - William Bergman

Aerospace Engineering Graduate Student

Albuquerque, NM

Student Glider Pilot

Website Admin - Conor McQueen

Aerospace Engineering Undergrad

Chula Vista, CA

Student Glider Pilot


Akaflieg Distinguished Alumni

Former Akaflieg SLO members who have gone on to revolutionize the aerospace industry


Jenn Bauman - Akaflieg Co-founder

Aerospace Engineer at The Spaceship Company


Eric Burlingame - Akaflieg President (2017/2018)

Avionics Software Engineer at Garmin